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At Dynamic Recovery Center we offer intervention services that can help your loved one overcome addiction. If you have a loved one struggling with a Substance-Related and Addictive Disorder who has lost the power of self-control and their judgement is so impaired that they are incapable of appreciating their need for treatment DRC can help. We have a Certified National Drug & Alcohol Interventionist on staff who is prepared to help your family get your loved one into treatment by planning, organizing the intervention team and educating on actions that will result in your loved one accepting treatment.


DAY OR NIGHT often times referred to as PHP is a great choice for the consumer who is unable to enroll in a residential program due to work and/or family commitments. In this component the consumer is able to continue to reside at home while commuting to DRC up to seven days a week. It is a structured, comprehensive and challenging experience driven by evidence-based clinical care. Consumers can expect to receive an array of individualized services that will create the foundation for their journey to recovery.

INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT much like our Day or Night program consumers are residing in their home or in a sober living residence while commuting to DRC at least three times per week. IOP offers the consumer the opportunity to implement what they learned while they were in the more intensive phase of the Day or Night component or for those consumers who do not meet criteria for Day or Night but continue need structured care. The focus of IOP is to ensure that the consumer is developing solid life skills, recovery management skills and an aftercare plan for sustained recovery.

OUTPATIENT the logical next step in your loved ones journey. While a significantly less structured component OP is a way to safely and successfully transition from treatment to life – the often stressful world. DRC offers consumers continued support while navigating through life’s challenges. More than just another step OP offers a safety net that when paired with the support group of the consumers choice sustained recovery is more probable.


At Dynamic Recovery Center we believe that a healthy lifestyle is a vital part of successful recovery. We offer an array of holistic services following the Eastern traditions that are designed to help consumers in healing Mind, Body and Spirit. DRC recognizes that all three components must be in balance in order to establish a life of health and wellness. Our Health & Wellness program offers consumers an opportunity to learn about nutrition, healthy eating, and exercise and how those will help them feel better because nutrients give the body energy, help build and repair organ tissue, and strengthen the immune system not to mention improve mood. We also offer Yoga, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy targeting the physiological disturbances that result from ongoing substance abuse or that impede the recovery process i.e. anxiety, PTSD, and post acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS) to name a new few.


Family work is fundamental to any recovery program. We strongly emphasize the importance of family work because the family plays an integral part in their loved ones recovery process. We use a Systemic Family Therapy approach as part of our multimodal program that addresses family systems and relational problems that result in ongoing conflict and dysregulation in the family system. We realize that family is an important part of the entire picture when working on each individuals recovery process.


We realize that Co-Occurring conditions are prevalent underlying issues that complicate treatment for those consumers working towards recovery. At DRC we have years of professional experience dealing with co-occurring conditions. Our Master’s level professional staff are equipped to handle mental health conditions that consumers may encounter due to drug and/or alcohol use or mental health conditions that are being medicated by way of drug and/or alcohol use. We have resources to treat MH disorders and can help our consumers get the appropriate psychiatric intervention they need. We provide Psychiatric Evaluations and follow-up Medication Management or if the consumer prefers coordination of care with their psychiatrist. Our treatment plans are not solely focused on the substance abuse issues because we provide Integrated Treatment.


Case Management is a collaborative process that uses a combination of coordination, evaluation, assessment, education and advocacy to help consumers and their families receive the services they need to promote quality, cost-effective mental health and addiction treatment. The staff at DRC will assist in linkage to occupational, educational and housing resources as well as serve a court liaison to those individuals that are court involved. We have developed very positive professional relationships with various County and Circuit Court Judges in the Tri County area.


Addiction is a complicated disease and its treatment is an intensive, long-term process. We stress the importance of ongoing recovery management to our consumers – – lifestyle change if you will. We believe it is vital to track the process of recovery. This not only involves checking to see if the individual is attending meetings and following their aftercare plan accordingly but also that they are attending Relapse Prevention Groups, Recovery Check-Up’s/In’s, support coaching for the consumer and their families and assistance in recovery community resource development. Dynamic Recovery Center supports the 12-Step fellowship groups and also offers Smart Recovery support groups and Refuge Recovery (a non-theistic, Buddhist approach to recovery) as alternatives for those that do not align with the 12-Step philosophy to ensure long-term recovery.


We offer many evidence-based therapies to our consumers. When creating our programs we determined after many years of research and experience that these evidence-based therapies would be most beneficial to establish long term sobriety. Even well after their stay with us many of our alumni use these therapies to help them in their journey. Here are some of the therapies we offer: * Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) * Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) * Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) * Smart Recovery * Seeking Safety