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DRC has helped me more than any of the other treatment centers I’ve attended. It’s an open and caring environment to recovery in.

David G., 54

Great experience! The staff was caring and attentive. They saved my life!

Takeesha S., 27

I had a wonderful caring experience at DRC. Every group I sat in taught me so much about myself and my addiction. My husband also learn a lot about how family can be a part of the problem but also a part of the solution.

Mary K., 36

I feel like I called a thousand treatment centers, Dynamic Recovery Center was the only one who talked to me about what was happening to our daughter and our family.

Mike Y., 42

I am very impressed with the care that I received at DRC. The facility and staff are wonderful. I encourage anyone in need of help to consider DRC!

Hannah G., 34

When I called DRC, the woman that answered my call made me feel as though her only wish in the world was to help my son.

Stephanie C., 56