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Our family oriented recovery center was founded by two individuals who have many years of experience in the behavioral health field treating both addictions and/or co-occurring conditions at various levels of care. Combined, the owners have 40 years experience treating individuals and families struggling with addiction and/or mental health conditions. They have a very hands on approach to the care being provided to the consumer and their families. Further, DRC is composed of a team of dynamic and dedicated professionals committed to uniquely transforming the standards of what has always been the “norm” in the behavioral health industry. The founders of DRC do not believe in numbers. DRC was founded on the fact that every individual that reaches out for help is unique and deserves to be treated based on their individual needs. Regardless of the very similar presenting problem of substance abuse no two treatment plans are the same because we pride ourselves in ensuring highly individualized care.


To provide individualized compassionate care with clinical excellence.


To be recognized as the gold standard provider while maintaining high quality care and specializing in the treatment of underserved populations.


Dynamic Recovery Center holds Integrity, Team, Excellence and Innovation as our guiding principles to those we serve. These guiding principles are reflected in how decisions are made and how consumers and employees are treated.